vrijdag 6 april 2012

Hair Loss and How to Prevent It

Did you know you lose hair when you eat too much sugar?

Dr. Mercola nailed it and a study has shown that hair loss and male baldness have a correlation with each other. Insuline resistance may also be a symptom of hair loss.

=> Early Baldness may result from Grains and Sugar

So please cut off on the sugar and all sugar like foods like bread, rice, potatoes, pasta. They are not good for you. Another good thing for preventing hair loss is to eat raw food. Cooked food has proven to accelerate hair loss.

Dr. Mercola states here:
"Additionally, many of the foods I ate were cooked. I am absolutely convinced that this was another major factor in my own personal hair loss."

Conclusion: nutrition will help you to prevent hair loss.

Look at this video about hair loss: