zondag 17 augustus 2014

mTOR: The way to build muscles

Just found out how to build muscles faster. The technique is to suppress mTOR (protein) in 3 ways so that it bounces back later on and you gain muscles from that.

- You make sure you drink coffee in the morning at home/work (not decaf, because it has more toxins)
- You exercise early when going to work (cycling)
- You do intermittent fasting (eating just a light salad for lunch and no breakfast)

This will suppress mTOR and when it bounces, you will build muscle mass without even thinking about it. The rebound of mTOR happens when you start to eat again (eat proteins to build muscle). Your body is in a regeneration mode. This also means you may never drink coffee after exercise or when you start the regeneration mode. Otherwise your mTOR will be inhibited. Exercising right after eating is also not recommended because that will inhibit mTOR.

dinsdag 15 juli 2014

Lies and Myths

I just have to bookmark this post to be able to refute the common lies and myths in the natural health space.

Especially the one about eggs being bad for your heart...

zaterdag 12 juli 2014

Sleep flushes out brain toxins

Interesting to know is that when you are sleeping, the brain cells will become half their size. This will free up space to flush out the bad toxins in your brain. That's why everyone should sleep more than 7 hours a day. If you sleep one hour less each day, it will accumulate. This sleep deprivation is not healthy. Eventually you will develop a brain of an alcohol addict. You will develop diabetes, heart problems and even cancer.

During your sleep, the glymphatic system will pump cerebral spinal fluid to your brain and flush out the toxins. You should cherish your sleep, enjoy it and feel how the spinal fluid goes through your brain. That's how I fall to sleep.

Other things to remember is to make the room dark, sleep before midnight, remove electronics, keep the temperature cool, don't use alarm clocks and buy a grounding mat for your bed.

To read more go here.